Building Model Creation

Building Model Creation

Create2D Buildings for multiple cities across India by leveraging Automated Tools, Open Source technologies & Satellite imagery.

Client Background

Client: Leading Geospatial Map provider
Industries: Location Services
Product/Services: Photogrammetry
Client Areas of Operations: Global (across 70+ countries)

Building Footprint

Client wanted to disrupt the Mapping landscape in India by providing beautiful maps with good Positional Accuracy so that clients could leverage it for Smart cities, Country planning, enhanced Mobile display & Navigation.

This assignment involved building millions of 2D model across 25+ India cities in short span of time. To meet their vision, our client needed a team with strong Geospatial background, attention to detail, strong understanding of 2D Maps along with expertise in handling open source GIS tools


Deduce leveraged our Open Source tool team that developed automated tool plugins for QGIS in order to provide a robust execution framework that ensured high efficiency & high first-time quality pass rate. We deployed a team of up to 50 personnel who worked over several months to build a precise 2D model for millions of building across India.

Business Impact:

By leveraging automated tools, our overall productivity & quality improved. Following are key business parameters that we exceeded:

  • Productivity: We delivered 50% more 2D Models that what client had budgeted for us.
  • Quality: Our quality acceptance was 90%+ even though part of job involved manual intervention.
  • On Time delivery: Met 95%+ Ontime delivery commitment across all cities.

“We delivered the complete project a month before schedule. In my 20+ yr. of experience, there have been very few instances where we were so well planned. All credit goes to our Automated tools team that helped us do things faster, better with very high quality” – Project Manager, Deduce Technologies