Last Mile Connectivity

Last Mile Connectivity

Last Mile Connectivity using 3D Fusion Maps

Client Background

Client: Leading Food Delivery Firm
Industries: Location Commerce
Product/Services: Last Mile Connectivity
Areas of Operations: India

Last Mile

Client has several thousand delivery team across multiple cities in India. They are leveraging Google Maps for their Navigation. The routing solutions works fine till they reach last mile (KM) before delivery. This is where the deliver team faced following challenges:

  • Spend 30-40% of delivery time in last 1 KM of Navigation.
  • End up calling customer several times for direction which results in bad customer experience.
  • Due to GPS offset not able to accurately route to client location.
  • Delayed/Missed delivery leads to bad rating and bad experience across all stakeholders.

Deduce is well aware of this problem across all Delivery firms. In line with our industry understanding, we proactively developed a proprietary 3D Fusion Maps which address the last mile connectivity challenge.

This solution was build using 3DBlock (LOD 0) from Stereo imagery and then Texturing it with Digital photography extracted at Ground level. This solution addressed several business use case & challenges faced by client.

We completed this pilot for part of Bangalore & are in discussion with client to expand it across multiple Indian cities.

Business Impact:

We demonstrated to client that by leveraging our Fusion Maps, following business parameters could be met:

  • On time delivery improves by 20-35%.
  • Customer touchpoint prior to actual delivery falls by 50%.
  • ROI for this solution can be achieved within 6 months.
  • Significant improvement in customer rating and overall experience.

“We see last mile connectivity as key bottleneck for all delivery firms. Our 3D Fusion Map solution helps bridge this gap by helping delivery team see beyond 2D Maps & have a real-world experience. We feel last mile delivery efficiency is the key that would differentiate “the winners” from “also run”” – Business
Head, Navigation Team, Deduce Technologies