Lidar Data Classification

Lidar Data Classification

LiDAR Advanced Data Classification to assist in Geography Mapping across several Scandinavian Cities

Client Background

Client: A Leading European Geospatial firm
Industries: Town Planning
Product/Services: LiDAR Data Classification
Areas of Operations: Multiple Europe countries

Lidar Data

Client wanted to detailed Digital terrain information map for the European with good Positional Accuracy so that clients could leverage it for Urban city planning

This assignment involved huge data classification across European cities in short span of time. To meet their vision, our client needed a team with strong Geospatial background and understanding of Detailed information of Map along with expertise in Lidar data Classification.


Deduce were awarded this assignment based on our track records & credentials. This was a huge task considering the amount of work with short period of time. So, in order to ensure good quality and more productivity in short period of time.

Deduce leveraged our tool development team that developed automated tool in order to provide a robust execution of work that ensured high efficiency & high first-time quality pass rate. We deployed a team 10+ years’ experience who worked over couple of months to build a High accurate Geospatial Maps for Multiple Europe Countries

Business Impact:

By leveraging automated tools, and Expertise team our overall productivity & quality improved. Following are key business parameters that we exceeded:

  • Productivity: We delivered couple of week earlier within the estimated time.
  • Quality: Our quality acceptance was 95%+.
  • On time delivery: Met 95%+ One time delivery.
  • On time delivery: Met 95%+ One time delivery.