Next Gen Map

Next Gen Map

Build next Gen Map for Autonomous Vehicle by supporting Machine Learning

Client Background

Client: US based Map Provider for Autonomous vehicle
Industries: Geo Spatial Services
Product/Services: Navigation Map
Client Areas of Operations: Global Operations (across 4+ Countries)

Net Gen

Client is building sub-cm accurate Navigation Maps that could be leveraged by Autonomous vehicles. They are extensively leveraging In-house built automated tools & Lidar Data to auto generate accurate Maps.

As the automated Mapping technology is still not 100% accurate, there are several fallouts or anomalies that machine/software is not able to interpret. In order to address these fallouts, they were looking for partners who has strong Navigation Maps, Lidar, Machine Learning technology expertise. Additionally, they wanted a quick ramp-up due to upcoming customer deadline.


At Deduce we have a team that has prior experience on all leading Map formats in the world. Thanks to this expertise we were quickly able to align with our client requirment and deployed a teamat short notice across two locations. To execute this assignment, we prepared a detailed specification document, mapped various data handover points between client system/machine and our team so that we could seamless provide input for our client’s machine learning algorithm. Additionally, we used our advance Lidar data classification expertise to interpret complex turns and road sections in dense city limits that automated tool was not able to handle.

Business Impact:

By understanding the client software/tools in a short period of time, we were able to deliver on following key business parameters:

  • Productivity: We delivered data in half the time that or client had planned
  • Quality: Our quality acceptance was 90%+ even though we had problem inaccessing data accessing over the internet due to the large volume & server downtime
  • On Time delivery: Met 98%+ on time delivery commitment across all cities

“We delivered the complete project a month before schedule. In my 20+ yr. of experience, there have been very few instances where we were so well planned. All credit goes to our Automated tools team that helped us do things faster, better with very high quality” – Project Manager, Deduce Technologies