Smart City Solution

Smart City Solution

For Smart City Initiative, City Mapping with Sub meter accuracy along with 200+ attributes for a leading Metropolitan City in Northern India

Client Background

Client: India’s Leading Aerial Survey firm
Industries: Geospatial Services
Product/Services: Smart City Solution
Areas of Operations: India

Smart City

As part of Indian Govt nationwide SMART CITY initiatives, the 2nd largest Metropolitan in Northern India embarked on an initiative to provide better services to residents. However, they very soon realized that the key to better services starts with accurate map.

So, they embarked on a mission to develop sub meter accurate map covering all functions & departments of the Metropolitan city. Some of the key departments that were part of this initiative are Roads, Power lines, Sewage systems, Water Lines, Waste disposal, Public Contact Centers, Parks & Recreation Areas. In total they wanted to capture over 200 attributes across the city.

By leveraging this “Smart Map”, they plan to build a centralized information system based on GIS (Geographical Information System) which would integrate all stakeholder and every aspect of Smart city process – starting from conceptualization, planning, and development to maintenance.


Deduce along with or partner were awarded this assignment based on our track records & credentials. This was a herculean task considering the level of details to be captured. So, in order to ensure maximum coverage, we took a call to capture input information using multiple sources: Aerial Lidar Survey, Mobile Lidar Survey, Aerial Imagery, Satellite Imagery, Mobile 6 Camera Imagery, Paper plots/Maps.

The magnitude of this assignment can be judged from the fact that it using these disparate input sources, we spent on an average 500 hr to capture detailed aspects for 1 sq km of area. We failed initially to understand the level of complexity & detailed involved but with support from our client & partner we quickly turned this around & delivered the assignment well within timeframe.

Business Impact:

Thanks to the painstaking effort and our attention to detail, our client now has in hand a precise City Map that they intend to leverage for their Centralized GIS system which would be accessed by multiple departments. This system will help them address several use cases that they were not able to do so far. Few of these use cases are:

  • Ensure <30 min response time for Emergency Response vehicles.
  • Regular pre-monsoon Maintenance to avoid blockage of sewers & water outlet bodies.
  • Asset Management for Garbage pickup & disposal system.
  • Quick recovery & planning for weather related disruptions of Power line & Water network.
  • Identifying encroachments & illegal constructions across City boundary.

“The backbone of any SMART CITY initiative is a Centralized GIS system built on accurate Map. We at Deduce are at forefront of this initiative to transform India & its cities through world class services in order to better serve the Citizens” – Business Head, SMART Cities Initiative, Deduce Technologies